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Testex™ Press-O-Film™ Replica Tape

Testex Press O Film Replica Tape consists of a layer of compressible foam affixed to an incompressible polyester substrate of highly uniform thickness. When pressed against a roughened steel surface, the foam collapses and forms an impression of the surface. Placing the compressed Testex tape between the anvils of a micrometric thickness gauge such as the PosiTector RTR H Replica Tape Reader and subtracting the contribution of the incompressible substrate gives a measure of the surface profile.

Optical Grade XC Testex Replica Tape available — provides higher quality SDF surface data files than conventional replica tape (for use with PosiTector RTR 3D models). Each roll of Testex Tape includes 50 pieces (Impressions). Testex Tape is not included with PosiTector RTR Replica Tape Readers.