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PosiSoft Software

Learn about the DeFelsko PosiSoft software to assist with your coating thickness gauge

Probe Fixture Stand

Helps reduce adverse operator influence by ensuring the probe is placed perpendicular to the part’s surface in a controlled, repeatable way.

Plates & Blocks

Certified coated metal plates and polystyrene blocks are ideal for verifying the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gauges

Plastic Shims

Certified Plastic Shims (foils) provide an economical alternative to coated metal plates. They have a reduced accuracy of ±2 µm (±0.08 mil). A coating thickness gauge measures shim thickness

Calibration Blocks

Ideal for checking calibration and operation of ultrasonic thickness gauges and are an important component in fulfilling both ISO and in-house quality control requirements.

Cable & Couplant

Every PosiTector UTG ships with (1) bottle of Ultrasonic couplant. Additional 4oz. bottles are available. (sold in cases of 12) MSDS.

Bluetooth Printer

Bluetooth Printer receives data from Advanced models. Faster print speed - 6mm/s, Bluetooth wireless technology, Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with universal AC adaptor

PosiTector Case

Convenient hard shell case for carrying a PosiTector gauge body and multiple probes

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