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50mm Kit

  • Ideal for lower bond strength finishes such as coatings on wood, concrete and plastic
  • Larger surface area of test dolly provides improved low range precision and repeatability
  • Range 0 – 500 psi (0 – 3.5 MPa)
  • Includes 50 mm stand-off, 50 mm hole saw, and 50 mm test dollies (12)

Drilling Template

  • Drilling template and drill bits to isolate test area, ideal for thicker coatings on concrete
  • Includes (10) drill bits 5/32″ (4 mm)

Posisoft Screen Capture

  • Displays pressure, rate, test duration and dolly size for up to 200 pulls
  • Calculates max, min, mean and standard deviation
  • Prints and displays basic charts and histograms
  • Real time graphing of individual pulls for a more detailed analysis of applied pressure over time (AT Manual only)
  • Allows entry of notes and annotations
  • Exports to a document or spreadsheet
  • Multi-language support including English, German, Italian, Spanish and French
  • Includes USB cable
  • Free updates

Adhesive Kit

  • Additional adhesive, mixing sticks, palettes and cotton swabs

Dollies Small

  • Additional supplies of standard 20 mm and 50 mm dollies
  • Custom 10 mm and 14 mm dollies