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NEW Inspection Tools Now In Stock!

Introducing the newest arrivals at DFT Instruments

DFT Instruments is delighted to announce the addition of 3 new inspection tools to its product offering— The PosiTest CH which is a cross hatch adhesion tester, The PosiTest DT which is a dust tape test, and also the PosiTest PT which is a pencil hardness test. All 3 are in stock and available for immediate purchase.

PosiTest CH

Determines a coating's ability to resist separation from a substrate when a lattice pattern is cut into the coating in accordance with ISO 2409 and ASTM D3359

PosiTest PT

Determines the film hardness by pencil test (Wolff-Wilborn) in accordance with ISO 15184 and ASTM D3363

PosiTest DT

Assesses the quantity and size of dust particles on blast cleaned surfaces in accordance with ISO 8502-3