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Rhopoint IQ 20/60/85° Gloss Haze DOI Meter

The Rhopoint IQ Gloss Haze & DOI Meter quantifies surface quality problems that are invisible to a standard glossmeter and profiles how light is reflected from a surface.

The IQ instrument measures the following parameters in a single button push: 20/60/85° GLOSS • HAZE• REFLECTED IMAGE QUALITY (RIQ) • DISTINCTNESS OF IMAGE (DOI) • RSPEC Gloss: A measurement proportional to the amount of light reflected from a surface measured at 20° ( high gloss finishes) , 60° ( mid gloss finishes ) and 85° ( matt finishes)

  • 20/60/85° Gloss meter for matt to mirror finishes
  • Haze measurement to ASTM E430
  • Full statistical analysis with trend graphs
  • Pass / Fail for easy identification of non conformances

Product Details

Haze: Reflection haze is scattered light caused by micro texture and is measured adjacent to the main gloss component. Symptoms – A milky finish is seen on high gloss coatings, halos can be visible around reflections of bright light sources. Causes (coatings) – Dispersion problems, raw material incompatibilities, incorrect curing or stoving. Causes (other) – Cleanliness, ageing, oxidisation, scratching, polishing.

RIQ: RIQ is used to quantify effects such as orange peel and surface waviness. This new parameter gives higher resolution results compared to Distinctness of Image (DOI) measurement and better mimics human perception of surface texture, especially on high quality finishes such as automotive. Symptoms of Poor RIQ: Orange peel, brush marks,waviness or other structures visible on the surface. Reflected images are distorted. Causes – Application problems, incorrect coating flow, coating viscosity too high/low, sag or flow of coating before curing, incorrect particle size/distribution, overspray, improper flash/recoat time, inter coat compatibility, incorrect cure times and cure temperature.

DOI: A measure of how clearly a reflected image will appear in a reflective surface.

RSPEC: The peak gloss value over a very narrow angle.

Glossmeter Features

  • Easy to read full colour screen with adjustable brightness
  • 6 button touch sensitive interface
  • Fully automatic calibration with tile detection and verification for error-free calibration
  • Pocket sized instrument with integrated tile holder
  • Pass / fail for easy identification of non-conformances
  • Full onboard statistics (max, min, mean, S.D.)
  • On-board trend analysis graphs
  • Results batching with user definable names
  • Direct data input via Bluetooth – This allows each reading to be instantly transmitted to any PC package such as Excel, Word, SPC programs etc.
  • Software-free data transfer – USB download of results to PC without the need to install software

£3,330 +VAT

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