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Dew Point Meter Memory Features

The Dew Point Meter Memory Features of the PosiTector DPM are a fabulous feature. The Dewpoint meter comes complete with internal memory storage for out-of-box recording. All 5 Climatic parameters, plus the date and time, can be recorded with the single touch of a button or automatically at user selected intervals.

Memory Overview:

  • Memory Storage: Internal memory storage for 2,500 datasets in up to 1000 batches (groups). Each individual stored dataset contains all 5 climatic values plus date and time stamp.Dew Point Meter Memory Features
  • Memory View: Stored datasets can be viewed individually on the PosiTectorDPM ‘s display, or viewed graphically for quick trend analysis.
    Individual dataset view example Graph Mode example
    Dpm Ind View Capture Dpm Graph View Capture
  • Data Logger Mode automatically records all 5 parameters at user selected intervals. Ideal for unattended operation.
    User Selectable Recording Intervals Data Logger Mode works best with optional Magnetic Surface Temperature Kit
    Log Interval Mag Surf Kit Grd
  • Download Datasets: USB and IR ports for downloading stored datasets to a PC or printer (requires optional PosiSoft Analysis Software or IR Wireless Portable Printer)
  • Remote Monitoring: Climatic values can be transferred real-time to an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site using optional PosiSoft Analysis Software. Ideal for viewing climatic conditions from a remote location.